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EmaxSolar, your trusted solar panel and battery installer, is here to guide you on the benefits of a home battery and how it can complement your solar power system. Heres how a battery system can benefit you:
Increased Self-Consumption: By storing self-generated green energy, homeowners can boost their self-consumption percentage to as high as 65%. This heightened self-consumption leads to greater efficiency of solar panels, ultimately resulting in lower monthly electricity bills.
Savings on Grid Fees: Utilizing stored energy from a home battery means relying less on the electricity grid, leading to savings on grid fees. This reduced dependence on the grid contributes to cost savings on electricity bills.
Enhanced Independence: Home batteries empower homeowners to increase their independence from the electricity grid. By storing energy, homeowners have a backup source readily available, providing peace of mind during grid outages or emergencies.
Optimized Interaction: Intelligent battery systems ensure seamless interaction between solar panels and home batteries. Through continuous optimization, these systems balance the storage of self-generated electricity, grid consumption, and battery usage, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.
Maximization of Solar Energy: Without a home battery, excess energy produced by solar panels is typically sent back to the grid. However, with a storage battery in place, this surplus energy can be stored for later use, preventing wastage and ensuring that energy generated during the day can be utilized during evenings or periods of peak demand.
We only use the best brands at the best price:
Huawei Home Battery – your ticket to sustainable energy freedom and exceptional performance. With sizes ranging from 5kWh to 25kWh, the Huawei Battery Storage System is changing the game in green energy usage.
Flexible Expansion:
With each module individually optimized, you can mix and match old and new battery packs, ensuring maximum efficiency. Expand your energy storage without sacrificing performance – it's hassle-free and flexible.
Top-notch Safety:
Safety comes first with Huawei. From cell to structural levels, their 4-layer protection system ensures your peace of mind. With 16 stable LFP cells and 8 sensors managing each energy pack, Huawei guarantees precise safety management, enhancing security by 4X.
Durable Design:
Built tough to withstand the elements, the high-strength, high-melting-point cabinet with IP66 rated protection ensures durability and structural integrity. Install it worry-free in your home and enjoy hassle-free energy storage.
BYD Battery Systems – your solution for reliable, scalable, and safe energy storage.
Flexible Configuration:
BYD offers two main options – the Battery-Box Premium HVS and the Battery-Box Premium HVM. The HVS system allows for a usable capacity ranging from 5.1 to 12.8 kWh, while the HVM system offers a capacity of 8.1 to 21.7 kWh. Plus, you can easily scale up by adding modules or parallel stacks later.
Safety and Efficiency:
The Battery-Box meets the highest safety standards and has been recognized for its efficiency. In independent inspections, it's ranked as the battery with the highest efficiency on the market, ensuring both reliability and performance.
Versatile Applications:
From single-family homes to commercial setups, the Battery-Box is adaptable to any application. Installers can work with a common building block and customize it to fit the needs of their clients. Plus, you can start small and add capacity at any time during the product's life.
SolarEdge Batteries – your smart solution for efficient energy storage and reliable backup power.
Efficient Energy Storage:
SolarEdge's DC-coupled batteries efficiently store excess solar energy, ensuring your home stays powered even when rates are high or at night. With up to 94.5% round trip efficiency, you can trust in consistent performance.
Direct PV Storage:
Thanks to SolarEdge's DC coupling technology, any excess PV energy is stored directly in the battery, maximizing your solar investment and reducing reliance on the grid.
Easy Installation:
With flexible installation options for wall or floor, indoor or outdoor placement, SolarEdge batteries fit your space and preferences. The streamlined ordering process and plug & play installation, aided by wireless communication and quick commissioning, ensure a hassle-free setup.
Pylon Tech Batteries – your reliable energy storage solution with easy-to-use features and proven performance.
Reliable Performance:
Experience reliable performance with Pylon Tech batteries, boasting a 95% Depth of Discharge (DOD) and a proven track record of 10 years of technical excellence.
Indoor or Outdoor Installation:
Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor installation, Pylon Tech batteries are suitable for both environments, providing flexibility in placement.
Secured by Self-developed Cells, Modules, and BMS:
With self-developed cells, modules, and Battery Management System (BMS), Pylon Tech ensures the security and reliability of their batteries.
Investing in a home battery with EmaxSolar is a smart choice for maximizing the benefits of your solar installation. Contact us today to enhance your solar experience and unlock the full potential of solar energy.

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