Solar Panels in Brussels: A Profitable and Environmentally Friendly Investment with Green Certificates

The Brussels-Capital Region offers exceptional opportunities for those interested in investing in solar energy. Thanks to environmental policies and green certificates, solar panels have become an increasingly attractive option for individuals and businesses. This article will guide you through the benefits and steps to successfully implement a solar panel installation project in Brussels.

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Advantages of Solar Panels in Brussels and the Impact of Green Certificates

The main advantage of installing solar panels in Brussels lies in the green certificate system. Each green certificate is equivalent to the avoidance of 217 kg of CO2 emissions and can be sold to an energy provider or intermediary. These green certificates are issued by Brugel (Brussels electricity, gas, and water price control regulator) and encourage the production of green electricity from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Therefore, photovoltaic panels in Brussels represent a profitable and environmentally friendly investment.

Cost of Solar Panels in Brussels

The price of a solar panel in Brussels varies depending on the size and power of the installation, the technology of the solar panels, the selected inverters, the height of your building, and the type of roof (tile, slate, flat or metal) or ground installation. On average, the price of a solar panel installation in Brussels is between 5,000 and 15,000 euros. This price usually includes the solar panels, the inverter, the battery for solar panels, and the installation.

The Role of Green Certificates in Solar Panel Installations in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region grants green certificates to encourage individuals and businesses to invest in solar panels. Green certificates are awarded based on the production of green electricity from renewable energy sources. It is essential to inquire about the conditions for obtaining these green certificates before proceeding with the purchase of solar panels.

Choosing a Photovoltaic Panel Installer in Brussels

To ensure the success of your solar panel installation in Brussels, it is crucial to engage a professional photovoltaic panel installer. Several companies offer their services in Brussels, including EmaxSolar, known for its expertise and quality installations.

Obtaining a Solar Panel Quote

Before purchasing and installing solar panels, it is important to request a solar panel quote. This quote will provide you with a precise idea of the total installation cost and the savings you can achieve through your investment.
In conclusion, installing solar panels in Brussels is a profitable and environmentally friendly option. The prices of solar panels, green certificates, and financial benefits make them an attractive solution for individuals and businesses aiming to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. Moreover, home batteries allow for the storage of generated energy during the day to use during the night or low sun, increasing energy autonomy levels.
So, don't wait any longer to join the solar energy revolution in Brussels and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Start enjoying the numerous benefits of solar panels today, including reduced electricity bills and environmental preservation. Contact us for a personalized quote and discover how we can help you bring your solar panel installation project in Brussels to life.

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