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EmaxSolar brings you the best in electric vehicle charging with premier brands such as Huawei, Wallbox, and Smappee. Experience rapid charging, smart connectivity, and a sustainable drive—all backed by the trusted innovation of these industry-leading solutions. Home charging offers a cost-effective and reliable solution, leveraging potential savings from solar panels, increasing property value, and ensuring a consistent power source for your electric vehicle, making it an attractive and worry-free option compared to public charging.
Safe and Reliable:
Huawei charging stations prioritize your safety and the safety of your property. Equipped with multiple temperature sensors, these stations prevent overheating, ensuring a secure charging process. The CATII-rated lightning protection shields against electrical surges, while the IK10-rated enclosure offers robust impact protection. With Type A+DC 6mA current leakage protection, Huawei takes safety to the next level.
Stylish Design:
Blend technology seamlessly with style. Huawei charging stations boast a tech-savvy, stylish, and user-friendly design. The 50-degree insertion and removal angle enhances accessibility, and the ergonomic design of the charging connector ensures a comfortable grip during every interaction.
Efficient and Intelligent Charging:
Huawei brings efficiency and intelligence to the forefront of your charging experience. Enjoy PV power-preferred charging modes, dynamic charging power adjustments, and flexible authentication options. Unlock a new era of smart charging with Huawei, ensuring that your electric vehicle is charged efficiently and intelligently.
Compatible with All EVs:
Embrace universal compatibility with Wallbox charging stations. Designed to accommodate any electric vehicle available on the market, Wallbox ensures that you can seamlessly charge your EV, regardless of its make or model.
Indoors and Outdoors:
Engineered for durability, Wallbox charging stations boast a NEMA Type 4 rating, offering water and dust resistance. This versatility allows you to confidently install and use Wallbox charging stations both indoors and outdoors, catering to your unique lifestyle and charging preferences.
Flexible Cable Length:
Gain the freedom to position your electric vehicle wherever you please. Wallbox charging stations come equipped with a 25-foot cable, allowing maximum flexibility for placement and ensuring your EV is always within reach of a reliable charging source.
Safer Charging:
Charge securely with Smappee's dynamic load balancing, accommodating both AC and DC charging. This innovative feature expands your charging services, potentially increasing income.
Efficient Design:
Smappee's sleek and minimalist charging stations fit any environment. With various configurations available, they're not just chargers – they're statements of design and functionality.
Smart Load Management:
Effortlessly manage your charging infrastructure with Smappee's platform. Get a clear overview, remote control, and integrated payment solutions, revolutionizing your EV charging experience. Choose Smappee for safety, efficiency, and intelligent charging.
EmaxSolar is your educational gateway to sustainability, where numbers tell the story of efficient energy solutions. Invest in the future today by choosing our products, backed by science and innovation, and see your home or business transform into an eco-friendly haven.

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