Where does the energy consumed in Belgium come from?

    Where does the energy consumed   in Belgium come from?

    What are the energy sources in Belgium?

    In Belgium, about 20% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, hydroelectricity, wind energy and biomass. About 30% of our production comes from fossil fuels such as gas and oil; the majority of our energy consumption comes from nuclear (uranium). Solar energy represents about 6% of our energy production and this percentage is increasing every year.
    How is energy produced in Belgium?
    Belgium depends on imports for a major part of its energy needs. 95% of the non-renewable energy consumed in Belgium energy consumed in Belgium comes from abroad, the extent of our of our natural gas consumption comes from five countries: Germany Norway, Holland, the United Kingdom and Qatar. Natural gas is used for heating in winter but also to produce electricity. The oil used in Belgium comes from the same production areas as the gas deposits; This fossil energy comes mainly from the member countries of OPEC countries.
    Nuclear energy
    Nuclear energy is a key element of the Belgian energy mix, the Doel and Tihange power plants of Doel and Tihange have been providing for 40 years a good half of of the total electricity production in Belgium. However, the closure of these two power plants is planned for the end of 2025. Nuclear energy is the least harmful of the non-renewable energies, and it is also the cheapest on the market but this is changing.
    Renewable energies
    Renewable energies such as solar energy are already an important part of our energy production in Belgium, the climate emergency calls for greater use important part of these energies for heating, for moving and to produce electricity. These energies become more and more reliable and profitable, investing in these energies is invest in your future and that of your children.

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