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    "I prefer to put my money on my roof than on my bank account"
    Q & A with Stergios
    Why did you decide to install solar panels on your roof?
    For us it was an obvious choice, we are a family of 5 people and we are often at home. As we are tenants we cannot do any work to improve the insulation and reduce our bills.

    This solar panel project is for us a long term investment, we prefer to put our money on our roof rather than in the bank. Since we can move the solar panels to another roof quite easily and at low cost by the same company, we will always be able to take advantage of that.
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    expertise image
    So you decided to invest in solar panels out of financial concerns?
    This is one of the reasons that made us go through the process as we have recently seen the increase in electricity prices and the still affordable prices of panels. However we have recently, in an ecological concern made changes in our lifestyle, we replaced our high consumption vehicle by a smaller electric car. With the installation of solar panels we can also, with the addition of a battery, recharge our vehicle and become self-sufficient.
    What convinced you to work with EmaxSolar?
    I made several requests for quotes from different companies present on the Belgian market, so I was able to compare the different offers. The first thing that caught my attention was the reactivity of the team, I received the offer within two days of my request and we agreed on a technical meeting with an expert within the same week. I had the chance to meet Imad at my home. He really took the time to explain all the aspects of my installation and did a simulation of my return on investment directly.

    In addition, EmaxSolar promises to complete the installation within 6 weeks of signing the quote, which, given the state of the solar panel market, is a real plus.
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    Woluwe Saint-Pierre
    6,600 kWh
    Number of panels
    Type of panels
    Hyundai Full Black 400W
    Battery capacity
    10 kWh
    Battery Type
    Huawei Luna 2000
    18 669€ TTC
    Green certificate
    17 933€
    Savings over 25 years
    79 357€
    Retour sur investissement
    6 years

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