How do I maintain my photovoltaic system?

    How do I maintain my   photovoltaic system?

    How to maintain my solar energy equipment

    Solar panels have a life span of approximately 30 years; however, periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure the best performance over time. Frost, weathering, aging and erosion (sand, dust and wind) can degrade the glass surface of the solar panels, making them less transparent and decreasing their electricity yield by about 2 to 3%, to avoid this type of scenario, it is necessary to clean the panels periodically.
    How to clean my solar panels
    The surface of your panels is equipped at the factory with a thin self-cleaning layer that allows water to run off. However, its effectiveness decreases over time, so it is recommended that you clean your photovoltaic panels every two years. The folds of your panels should be cleaned regularly, especially if they are slightly tilted, using an alcohol-based glass cleaner, a jet of water and a soft sponge. Do not use metal objects, steam or abrasive powders and avoid high pressure cleaning.
    Taking care of the inverter
    In principle, your inverter has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, the new generation of inverters are much more resistant than the previous one, so there is no need to have it serviced earlier by your electrician. Just check that everything is working normally by comparing the output from year to year; if the output drops abnormally, you should investigate. Also, check regularly that the fan inlets are not dusty and that the display and indicator lights are working. Also check that the cables are not damaged by rodents or martens, which can cause short circuits.

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