How to store solar energy?

    How to store  solar energy?

    How to store solar energy and achieve energy self-sufficiency?

    Solar panels are increasingly popular in Europe, several environmental and geopolitical factors are behind these changes. Solar energy has become reliable and cost effective, however, solar panels produce more energy during daytime, yet this energy is mostly used in the evening. Therefore, some of the energy you produce is sent back to the grid if you don't store it directly.
    The solar storage battery
    To store solar energy, it is recommended that you provide your photovoltaic system with a storage battery. A battery allows you to store your surplus energy and achieve self-sufficiency.
    A solar battery allows you to synchronize your peak solar production with your energy needs. This enables you to use energy when you need it most; especially when the sun's energy is not available like the evening or days with little sunlight.
    There are 4 types of batteries to store the energy produced by solar panels
    Open lead acid batteries
    Open lead-acid batteries are cost-effective, this type of technology is similar to the batteries used for traditional cars. However, this type of battery is very bulky and has a relatively short life span.
    AGM Batteries
    AGM Batteries are more suitable for daily use but are not suitable for irregular use as they may be damaged after a long period of charge. This type of battery is more expensive than open lead-acid batteries and their life spans are relatively short.
    Gel Batteries
    Gel batteries are the most durable and highest performing they require low maintenance and have a relatively long life. The disadvantage of this type of battery is that they must be kept in a cool or air-conditioned place. In addition, Gel batteries charge slowly and are twice the cost open lead acid batteries.
    Lithium Batteries
    Lithium solar batteries are the most popular on the market, this type of battery is the epitome of innovation, as it is found everywhere in our daily lives, in our cars as well as in our smartphones.
    The main advantage of lithium batteries is their lightness and long life. Moreover, this type of battery takes up less space and requires little maintenance. However, the main disadvantage of this type of battery is their cost, as they are significantly more expensive than other types of solar batteries.

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