What type of installations and technologies correspond to your projects?

    What type of installations and technologies correspond to  your projects?

    How to choose the right installation and technologies for your project?

    The technologies related to solar energy are diverse, those that correspond to your project of energy production depend on several factors, and there are several suppliers on the market. With our expertise, you will benefit from a personalized offer that will be relevant to your specific situation. Depending on the condition of your home, the size of your roof and the extent of your annual consumption, our company offers you its services to compare offers and materials from our suppliers. Our company also offers you a range of range of efficient products adapted to your needs.
    To invest in solar energy, click on the tab above and create an offer now. There you can build up your project and estimate cost with a very good value for your money. We specialize in the installation and operation of solar energy systems, that's why we partner with industry leaders in the renewable energy industry to offer you durable and quality equipment.
    EmaxSolar is a fast-growing company supported by the European Commission to accompany the energy transition in the EU. We care about our customers' satisfaction, that is why, we are available to answer all your questions, our experts travel all over Belgium to make technical visits to your premises, and we commit ourselves to install your solar energy system within 4 weeks after receiving your request.

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